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Meet Nurse Mori

Express yourself on iMessage by downloading the Nurse Mori sticker pack! Why text with boring yellow smiley faces? With about 30 designs, Nurse Mori has what you need. Just drag and drop a sticker right into your text message!

Nurse Mori holding a syringe

Saving Lives at Forest City General Hospital

Nurse Mori helps each patient feel special with a cheerful heart and warm smile. But don't give her any gruff! And don't forget to take your medicine. Nurse Mori has a "tough love" side, as well!

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Free Updates

Buy the sticker pack today and tell your friends! Buy once, forever fun! Enjoy free updates, too. Whenever we add new designs to the Nurse Mori iMessage sticker pack, you'll get them for FREE. Message @zim9stickers on Twitter and tell us what's missing from the sticker pack.

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Real stickers and more!

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